Clarifying the Smears of Alarmist Internet Snipers

Clarifying the Smears of Alarmist Internet Snipers 


When you tell paranoids their fears are overblown, no matter how much evidence, how logical, how honest the arguments may be, the paranoids' reactions is to heighten their fear. They think you are trying to make them lower their guard so you can get them. Being an ecologist who has promoted wise environmental stewardship my whole career, my climate skepticism is especially threatening to climate alarmists who try to characterize skeptics as people who do not care about life and the environment. I totally realized that by publishing my experiences and research and how it led me to climate skepticism, I would be painting a target on my back for rabid internet snipers.

So it is no surprise that 2 internet snipers, Peter Miesler (aka CitizenChallenged) and Miriam O'Brien (aka Slandering Sou from Hotwhopper) have blogged several posts trying to paint me as a liar and a fraud. Neither have any  science background. Their only skill appears to be mounting smear campaigns against anyone who talks about the natural causes of climate change and changing species' populaitons.  Their posts usually reveal their great ignorance about the science and betray their misguided obsessions. Peter Miesler's obsessions has transformed his website into   "shrine dedicated to smearing Jim Steele".  I do not want to waste my time detailing their every falshood and distortion, but a few posts are needed to illustrate just how twisted their internet sniping has become.

Below are a few links that I posted to Anthony Watts' Whats Up With That website debunking Miesler and Slandering Sou's attacks. I am adding a few more rebuttals here, but I will not waste my time addressing all their inane blathering. However if you have a specific concern that you want me to address, please email me and I will gladly reply.


1. Dr. Singer (Husband and co-author of Camille Parmesan) exposes Slandering Sou's smear campaign.


2. Peter Miesler Calls Government Temperature Data Wrong


3. Peter Miesler Befuddled by Penguin Science